Video Marketing Trends in 2020

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Most companies now include video marketing as an important aspect of their marketing strategies. Be its dissemination of information about how to use a product, promotion of new services, online education or boosting sales figures, video marketing for business growth has come up in a big way and is expected to change the way business houses communicate with their prospective consumers.

Statistics shared by the Rutz Roberts Productions, one of the most popular video marketing firms in the US, indicate:

  • Video marketing will draw more than 80 percent of internet traffic across the world by 2020;
  • Embedding video in email marketing campaigns results in a rise in click-through rate by 200-300 percent;
  • Including video in landing page content can raise conversion rate by 80 percent.

The increasing significance of video marketing for business growth has resulted in some important marketing trends that we see today.

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  • Live streaming services: Live streaming videos are becoming increasingly popular, not only because of their unadulterated nature but also because of them being comparatively cheaper in price. These live videos can be created anywhere at any time, thus, discarding the need for any primary investment or additional expenditure. Moreover, the fact that the video can be uploaded and retained on the company’s website for promotional purposes adds to its popularity.
  • Videos are in sync with devices we use: More people now view the internet on their mobiles than on their laptops and desktop devices. This means that the design and production of videos are now starkly different from what we have experienced earlier on our screens. The shapes and sizes of our mobile and tablet screens now dictate the shape of the videos that are made these days. While we now come across lots of vertical videos, some are switching to the more popular square-shaped videos.
  • Videos for learning: Video marketing is now being used in a big way for providing online education, popularly called e-learning. This concept frees you from the necessity of being confined to a brick-and-mortar classroom by incorporating the necessary training material into videos that are informative and powerful. The video content allows students to visualize the material contained clearly.
  • Vlogging – the new art of blogging: This started as a fun hobby for some, but the personalized approach made business houses realize it as a relevant tool of video marketing for business growth. Virtual reality technology used in videos embedded within the blog lends a marketing appeal to its customers, thus, allowing vloggers to earn money through their blogs.

Including video marketing for business growth has benefitted companies, which is evident in some of the results of a survey published by HubSpot. They are:

  • An average video manages to grab the attention of roughly 37 percent of its viewers till the last minute;
  • Companies using advanced video analytics to measure the performance of using video marketing for video growth have shown greater inclination to raise their video budgets in the coming year.

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Summary: The future of content marketing is expected to get more interesting with greater inclusion of video marketing tools and techniques. This type of marketing for business growth not helps in greater visualization of one’s business goals, but also enables a personalized approach, thus, augmenting its popularity among other marketing strategies.

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